a. It is prohibited by law (the so-called Wadloopverordening 1996) to walk on the intertidal sand- and mudflats without a valid certificate. Wadloopcentrum Fryslân is a certified organisation (A-license) allowing us to organise intertidal guided tours with participants. Wadloopcentrum Fryslân is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 40003546.

b. By participating in one of the tours of Wadloopcentrum Fryslân participants agree to the conditions captured in the Wadloopverordening 1996, the A-licence granted to Wadloopcentrum Fryslân and these ‘Terms and conditions’. Not complying with these conditions automatically means exclusion from participation. Any resulting costs or damage are the full responsibility of the participant.

c. In case of registration of a group one person of this group will provide the guides of Wadloopcentrum Fryslân with a full and current list of all participants within his/her group. This person also takes the responsibility to ensure that all participants within his/her group are familiar with the information provided in these ‘Terms and conditions’ and the ‘Clothing, gear and rules’ information provided on the website: www.wadlopen.net. Each participant has its own responsibility to comply with these conditions.

d. Participants ensure they show up in time at the assembling point. Information about departure times and the exact locations of the assembling points can be found on the website: www.wadlopen.net.


a. Participation in one of the tours organised by Wadloopcentrum Fryslân is at your own risk.

b. It is assumed that each participant will take sufficient measures to ensure his/her own safety.

c. Each participant will wear proper clothing and gear and will bring sufficient food and drinks during the tour. More information can be found in the ‘Clothing, gear and rules’ information provided on the website: www.wadlopen.net.

d. Each participant will ensure he/she is physically and mentally fit enough to complete the distance of the selected tour within the given time. In case of any doubt about your physical and/or mental condition to join a tour please ask your doctor for advise.

e. Instructions of guides of Wadloopcentrum Fryslân should be followed under any circumstances.

f. A guide of Wadloopcentrum Fryslân may refuse to take a person on a tour if he/she believes that a participant does not comply to these ‘Terms and conditions’. A guide may also refuse to take a person if he/she believes that a person is physically and/or mentally not fit enough to complete the selected tour.

g. During the tour a guide of Wadloopcentrum Fryslân can order a participant to return to the starting point (under the supervision of certified guide) if he/she believes the participant is physically and or mentally not fit enough to complete the tour. A participant will also be ordered to return to the starting point if he/she does not comply to these ‘Terms and condition’.


a. The Dutch Waddensea has unique natural values and is therefore by law a fully protected nature reserve. By participation in one of our tours participants agree to respect the rules and regulations for accessing this protected area.

b. During the tour it is compulsory to stay together as a group. It is not allowed to walk away from the group and explore the area by yourself. The reason for this is to avoid disturbance and/or damage to the protected nature values.

c. It is prohibited to bring pets (e.g. dogs) during the tour.

d. It is prohibited to leave any rubbish behind on the sandflats, mudflats and/or wetland areas on the mainland. Participants will take any rubbish with them and drop this in one of the many rubbish bins that are available on the islands.

e. It is prohibited to harvest or tear off any (parts of) plants.

f. Disturbance of seabirds or seals is prohibited. All nests of seabirds should be left alone and haul-out areas of seals are avoided.

g. Any deliberate disturbance of nature values leading to costs and/or fines are the full responsibility of the participant.


a. A booking can be made by internet (www.wadlopen.net) or phone.

b. When a booking is made over the internet the participant will receive an e-mail with a link to confirm his/her reservation. If the reservation is not confirmed within 2 days, then the reservation will be cancelled automatically after 7 days. The participant will contact Wadloopcentrum Fryslân within 7 days if he/she did not receive an e-mail to confirm the reservation. More information is found in the section ‘How to make a booking?’ provided on the website www.wadlopen.net.

c. After confirming a booking the participant will receive a second e-mail with an invoice. This invoice shows details of the reservation and provides payment instructions. If the amount on the invoice is not paid within the payment deadline, then the reservation will be cancelled automatically. The amount on the invoice needs to be paid at once and cannot be paid in installments.

d. No restitution of money is made if a participant fails to show up.

e. Wadloopcentrum Fryslân may cancel a tour. If a tour is cancelled Wadloopcentrum Fryslân will try to inform the participants as early as possible, but in some circumstances (e.g. bad weather- and/or tidal conditions) a tour may be cancelled at the last moment.

f. When Wadloopcentrum Fryslân decides to cancel a tour full restitution of money is made to the participants. No compensation is given for costs made by the participants like travelling expenses, costs of accommodation and/or purchase of gear etc.