Do I get my money back if the tour is cancelled?
Yes, but only if we cancel the tour because of bad weather conditions.

Do I also receive my invoice by mail?
No, the invoice is only sent to your e-mail address.

I did not receive an e-mail to complete my reservation.
Did you provide a correct e-mail address? Did you check your ‘junk mail’?

I cannot confirm my reservation using the link provided in the confirmation e-mail.
Try to ‘copy and paste’ the link from the e-mail into a new window of internet explorer. Alternatively click here and enter your code manually.

Clothing and gear

What kind of clothing do I have to wear during the tour?
Please read the section on ‘Clothing, gear and rules’. It is very important that you bring proper shoes, a wind- and/or rainjacket and something to eat and drink.

Do I have to bring dry clothes during the tour?
Your clothes will certainly get wet during the tour, so you will have to bring dry clothes and shoes. If you walk to one of the islands we recommend to pack your clothes in a waterproof bag (for example a simple rubbish bag) and carry this with you in a backpack. If you are joining an educational tour to one of the sandflats the starting point will be similar to the point of arrival. In this case you can leave your dry clothes in your car. For more information please read ‘Clothing, gear and rules’.

Do I have to bring food and something to drink during the tour?
Most of the tours take about 3 to 4 hours and walking in the mud takes energy. Therefore we do recommend to bring sufficient food and drinks during the tour.

Other questions

What level of fitness do I need to be able to participate in a tour?
The level of fitness is dependant on which tour you want to join and is also dependant on tidal – and weather conditions. In the description of the various tours we have included an indication of the fitness level needed. Make sure that you show up fit at the start. Please don’t drink too much alcohol the evening before the tour, there is plenty of time for this afterwards.

Is it a big deal if we show up a little bit late?
An intertidal tour can only be carried out at low tide otherwise the channels will become to deep to cross. Therefore we cannot wait for people who show up late. Make sure you leave home early and take possible delays into account.

Can I also become a guide?
If you are interested in becoming a guide, feel free to contact us to enquire about the possibilities.