This tour will bring you to the island of Ameland and is one of the most popular tours that we offer. The total distance of the tour from the mainland to the island is approximately 10 kilometres and takes about 3 hours. Depending on the point of arrival you will need to walk an additional 1 to 2 hours on the island. The first hour of the tour is quite hard, because of the presence of mudflats, but the remainder of the tour is much easier. In the middle part you will cross several channels and sandflats. On the island a tractor and wagon will wait for you on the beach of the North Sea (we will cross the island) to bring you to the restaurant on the beach close to the villages of Buren or Nes. You can jump on (against a small payment) or you can walk along the beach. The villages are about 5 kilometres (Buren) and 8 kilometres (Nes) away from the tractor. You will take the public ferry back from the village of Nes to get back to the mainland, which is included in the price of the tour. There is a 14-year age limit to join this tour.

It is also possible to book a special package consisting of a intertidal guided tour to Ameland followed by a boattrip on the Dutch Waddensea with or without food on board (e.g. barbeque).

In some cases we will arrive too late on the island to be able to take the last public ferry from the island. In these cases we have organized an ‘additional boat’. In principle you have to take this boat unless you have planned to stay on the island.

Assembling point

Land & Zeezicht
Grandijk 2
9150AA Holwerd

The assembling point of the tour to the island of Ameland is the restaurant Land- en Zeezicht at the ferry close to the village of Holwerd. Here you will receive your ticket for the tour from one of our guides. Make sure you don’t lose this ticket as this is also your ticket for the ferry back from the island to the mainland! After registration the tour will start at the back (east side) of the restaurant. Follow parking instructions, the police will fine offenders!