An intertidal guided tour is a unique and sportive experience within the exceptional nature of the Dutch Waddensea.       The Wadden Sea is a World Heritage. Wadloopcentrum Fryslân started offering these tours more than fourty years ago, so our guides have plenty of knowledge. We offer a great choice of different tours. For example, you can walk from the mainland to the islands Ameland or Schiermonnikoog, but you can also join one of our five educational tours to different sandflats (Engelsmanplaat, Pinkegat, Eilanderbult, Wierbalg and Texel). If you want to see seals, then your best choice would be to join a tour to either Simonszand or Rottumeroog. For the very sporty and well trained people we offer a tour to the island of Terschelling. If you want to join this tour you need to pass a test walking from the mainland to Ameland and back within one tide (see Ameland return).

A complete overview of the tours that we organise  can be found under Tours or  Dates. These overviews show which tours are still available and give you the possibility to make a reservation. If the tour you want to join is unavailable and you are in The Netherlands only for a short time please feel free to ring us, so we can look for a possibility to offer you this special Dutch experience!

In addition to our regular tours we can also offer tours on request for example for teambuilding events, schools, families, sports clubs etc. Feel free to us to enquire about the possibilities.